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Critical thinking is:
  1. Skeptical clarification
  2. Logical thinking
  3. Humble self-reflection

Today's Dietitian Article Release: Thinking Critically About Nutrition

In collaboration with Today’s Dietitian, we asked almost 900 registered dietitians several questions about the critical thinking failures that they see most among consumers. In analyzing the results, we saw a key idea that needs way more emphasis:

“… we can’t start a dialogue about nutrition with the expectation of critical thinking. Instead, we must expect failures and develop communication skills to inform people who aren’t inherently prepared to think critically about nutrition.”

In the newly released article, we show that this idea is not as “mainstream” in the nutrition communication world as we think it should be. Communication can look quite different when we expect critical thinking failure. In the article, we discuss some important communication tactics that can help nutrition professionals engage real consumers - both in the clinic and in the media.

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